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NCA night lighting box always unchecked


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The Night Lighting check box  to disable night lighting in the NCA area for openLC NA is always unchecked when I start FTX Central From what I've read on the Orbx forums both it and the New Night Lights box should be checked because I have openLC NA installed. Both boxes remain checked for my installed regions CRM, NRM, PNW, SAK. I suppose I can uncheck both boxes for NCA, but I'd rather have it work like the other regions.


So far I've reinstalled NCA, but that hasn't helped. What else can I try?


Other information: I use FSX Acceleration with Windows 7 and my order number is FSS0486304, migrated to OrbxDirect with transaction ID 586c5a7091447.






NCA control panel settings.png

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Hi Doug,


Thanks for replying. Before my original post I used FTX Central to uninstall and then reinstall NCA, with a reboot in between. I didn't see any problem with either the uninstall or the reinstall from Central. The control panel issue persists...



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I also have CRM, NRM, PNW, SAK installed (same transaction ID). From within FTX Central the control panels for these regions all behave as expected: I can choose any combination of the two options for night lighting. It is only for NCA that I can't select the first night lighting option by checking its box.



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I was able to fix the problem after reading the post Night Lighting Tick box won't stay ticked in the FTX Central 3 Support Forum. I had pairs of BGL and BGL.off files for Northern California. The NCA control panel now works as it should after removing the files




referred to in the file orbx_cpl_FTXNANCA.xml located in the ORBX\Scripts subfolder of my FSX folder.


My guess is that the problem surfaced after I used FTX Central to verify the files for openLC North America last week.



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