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Could I have a layer issue? Hills of snow on the runway at CYYT for example


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I have no idea where to start...


ORBX Scenery Issue.... any help is appreciated.  Arriving at CYYT after nearly 5 hours... hoped the snow would not cause a crash... it did.  I have seen this issue at another location where I was able to land in the snow hills and had no issues with crashing during takeoff.  But this time landing... not so good.  I have never seen this issue this bad until today, most previous flights originated and ended at airports near the gulf of Mexico and flights in and around CYZF had no issues (except for two runaways where they had areas that were covered in grass).  I have done nothing with adjusting layers and I installed the the ORBX packages in the order they require. 





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it looks like the airport flatten is either missing or being disabled by something else.

If that is an image of CYYT, the only Orbx product is a freeware version which you can rule out

by disabling FTX_ZZ_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS in your in-game scenery library.



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Hello Nick and thank you!


You're assumptions were correct and the issue was corrected by disabling FTX_ZZ_GLOBAL_AIRPORTS.


I should not have any other products outside of ORBX.  The airport upgrades you provided are amazing, I'd like to keep them active.  How might I be able to correct this issue?




Thank you in advance. :-)







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as my screen shot shows you, there is nothing wrong with the freeware airport version.

Perhaps you have another version somewhere?

Do you have other addons further down your scenery library?

If you cannot solve the problem, you can disable the airport by going to

ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery and disable the CYYT bgl files.

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I cannot recall ever successfully installing any other scenery, I may have attempted someone once, but I could never see a change.  ORBX is the only updating I have attempted that I could verify was working.  I hope the following snips might be helpful.

FSX Scenery Lib 1.JPG

FSX Scenery Lib 2.JPG

FSX Scenery Lib 3.JPG

FSX Scenery Lib 4.JPG

FSX Scenery Lib 5.JPG

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21 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


perhaps you need to run the Vector AEC auto-configuration?

(Your error message is because you disabled files with the simulator running)


NICK!  This corrected the issues AND I'm seeing even more than before!  Thank you for helping a guy who didn't give you all the info you needed.  I've very happy and appreciative of your assistance!

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