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KOSH Oshkosh Wisconsin still P3D default?


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On 3/28/2019 at 9:45 PM, andygriesbach said:

Hi Holger


That did the trick. It's fixed. Thank you! 


Out of curiosity, do you uncheck all the P3D default scenery? 


Hi Andy,


In general, no, it is not recommended to uncheck default entries.  Unchecking certain entries such as the Oshkosh entry, Las Vegas, Orlando can be required to avoid conflicts with scenery in those local areas, and this will not harm anything.  No need to uncheck anything unless you first see a reason to such as a conflict with another scenery. 


You should never uncheck the "General" P3D entries such as "Western North America" or "0900 Base" as this could have a detrimental effect on your scenery.  Of course unchecking a scenery area in the scenery.cfg will not have any lasting detrimental effect because checking the entry again will correct any issues.





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