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BUG REPORT - TE GB South SP1 errors in Brighton area

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I've noticed a few glitches around the Brighton area in TE GB South SP1.


There's a step in the landscape east of Shoreham airport, running north-south and across the River Adur.  Coordinates 50.830243, -0.219554.



The cliff at Brighton Marina is too gradual, causing the north end to appear on a slope.  Coordinates 50.812857, -0.097461.



The A259 east of Brighton Marina undulates excessively, making it look like a stunt driving track.  :)  Refer to previous coordinates and head east.  As with the marina, it looks like a sheer cliff has been smoothed out, causing the road to drop down the slope.  There are many other similar examples around the coast.



Floating buildings on Lewes Crescent/Arundel Terrace, west of Brighton Marina.  Coordinates are 50.815093, -0.109777.



Closeup view:






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Hi boys, I have similar problems with SP1 TE GB South for X-Plane 11.32 in city London

The road is still light, there are trees and buildings in the water, bridges over the water, smudges textures on some buildings.

Thank you JV and ORBX team for very good work, as you can see sometimes it is better to wait and check the update before release SP.

Or it is quite possible that the error is with me on my PC.










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On 3/19/2019 at 11:21 AM, craigeaglefire said:

this totally does not look right,


just check the 'steps' in your images...


i tried to get your coordinates - this is the best i could get...



You'll see the step if you fly eastward on the same line.  It's not very noticable when travelling west.

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28 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:

the step takes some finding but it is there.


please give me screenshots, Nick




this shot is a total fail - scenery .ini for sure...


why you guys do not use xOrganiser is totally beyond me - are you short of $9.95?


just flown the whole main River Adur & i see nothing like this!

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