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Test flight from Liverpool


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Orbx sent me my one and only Valentine's message!

Offered me a discount on TEGB Central - the love is mutual so had go for it before offer expired - took all night to download...

Pushing my luck to get all this gorgeous scenery running on a laptap!

Hey ho - fired it up anyway - fully expecting it to crash and all end in tears (the software that is, my plane always does!)


Hmm -  took off from Liverpool and headed towards Warrington (where I worked on the railway for several years) via the Runcorn bridges over the Mersey.


Against all expectations, albeit with lowish graphic settings, I managed to get airbourne and smile at recognisable landmarks - and the temptation was too much - had to try to get under some of them too!


My previous post didn't work properly, so let's see if this one does with the helpful advice I received. 


Made it under the old Runcorn Bridge - although I think there is photographic evidence that I skimmed the water. Wimped out on clearing the newer Mersey Gateway crossing.












Hope these work this time!




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17 hours ago, pgreenwo said:

I hope you paid your toll charges on the Mersey Gateway. Great shots and glad it works on your laptop

I must forward my image of the newish Mersey Gateway bridge and this post to my sister to wind her up.

Her family flew back from Split to Liverpool last summer and used the bridge late at night, didn't pay the toll, and ended up with a hefty fine!



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18 hours ago, NineMile41 said:

Great shots of the Mersey Gateway and on a laptop to boot.


Sincere thanks to all who sent such positive replies to my first images.


I look in awe at what others are posting with more powerful hardware!


Yes, I am very pleased to have got XP11 with Orbx TEGB running on a laptop without a state-of-the-art graphics card.


All a matter of tinkering with settings - am loathe to touch any sliders again now I've got a workable compromise ie low 30s FPS - enough to be able to control a plane and get a rewarding visual experience too.


I now own TEGB South and Central and look forward to sharing images of future flights over this large area.




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