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HILO (PHTO) conflicts with NA_OLC


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Good afternoon,


Just noticed this today after adding a freeware scenery in for Hilo (PHTO). I have since removed it, but am still seeing the same issues. Here is PHTO with default scenery and NA_OLC deactivated:




And here is the same default scenery with NA_OLC activated:




In my scenery library, this is the order I have everything set up:


1) add on airports

2) FTX regions

3) Open Land Class


5) FTX_ZZ_Global Airports


7) ORBX lights


I have yet to check the other Hawaiian Islands, but will do shortly. I guess the question I should be asking is does NA_OLC cover Hawaii?






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A quick update. Looks like something is missing or corrupted with my NA_OLC file. Reading from the ORBX site about NA_OLC, it looks like Hawaii is included. I've checked a few other airports. Oahu (PHDH) seems okay. But two others come out with the same patchwork of tiles.


PHNL (Honolulu)



PHKO (Kona)



It seems to be an issue when there is water near by.

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Good morning Nick,


i didnt think about that. The scenery I downloaded for PHTO had a number of files that were supposed to be added to the SCENERY/WORLD/TEXTURE folder. A few were new, but most of them asked if I wanted to overwrite them. Oddly enough, I normally cluck yes, but this time I did not. I will delete the new files (once I figure out which ones they are) and see if that helps. 


Is ithat what you are hunting at?

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