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True Earth GB South P3D 4.4 My Final Shots.

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Superb screenshots, looking forward to realise. Sorry to ask a tech question at this stage but how will this effect existing Orbx products. I have FTX England and a few airports (Compton Abbas, Shoreham, etc) installed. Will existing P3D airports blend with TE GB and does FTX England have to be uninstalled first.  

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5 minutes ago, Traveller said:

Yeah. I was just about to ask.
In the case of FTX England and Wales they would be active underneath the TE England South, isn`it?
However, in my ignorance, they would consume CPU resources because they would be active.
It may not be that ... I'm thinking aloud.


I wondering the same.

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Some advice please about where to install TE GB South which I understand is 127GB.

Available free space on my PC is: C drive 101GB, D drive (where P3D4 is installed) 582GB, external HD E drive 465GB. 

Clearly the C drive is out of the question as I have freed up as much space on it as I can so can I install it on D or E? 

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20 minutes ago, John Venema said:

Yes, the downside is that when you leave TE GB South and fly north you won't see FTX England or Wales textures. If you leave those installed you will have a transition.


 That's a good point, thanks!

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1 hour ago, John Venema said:

TEGB South for P3D only takes up 57GB of disk space. It is far more compressed in file structure than the XP11 version, because of the different sim architectures.

Can we install this on our secondary hard drives HDDs rather than SSDs woud we see any performance issues?

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