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answered Problem with Orbx TreesHD in P3D 4.4


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Hi guys,  I run P3D 4.4 and am having issues with my OrbxHD Trees.   They dont appear correctly.  The ones that show up are MUCH too light. and look nothing like the screen shots on this site.  below image was taken in North Georgia (southern USA) in summer (june) time.  The color of the hardwood trees is akin to what trees might look like in very early spring.   Not sure whats wrong here.   They look nothing like the images.  I have had Orbx trees for awhile so I know these arent right as it looked much better in earlier P3D versions.    In an self help effort before coming here... I have verified files on the trees/North America LC/ Global Vector/ Global base.   I made sure I was using default shaders (and deleted my shader cache) and also made sure that the  dynamic 3D vegetation /moving trees in default P3D were turned OFF.    What might cause this?




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