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The best part of getting old is that I quickly forget all the dumb stuff


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Well I've just spent the last 2 days verifying, checking the load order in scenery_packs.ini (XPlane)  and contemplating a complete reinstall of True Earth GB South, because try as I can, when I type in "Dover" and go to the airport I have lost all my wonderful Orbx scenery and it's replaced with default XPlane


It's not bad but its certainly not Orbx!


I even had a technical note all typed up and ready to go to support.  But at the last minute staring yet again at "Dover" in "change locations" and saw that the airport ID started with a K, not an E

So with a great sigh that was even heard and commented on by the "better half" I typed in Canterbury and life was good again :)


So the moral of my little bit of blatant stupidity was , ah,  well, :huh:, what was the question --- gosh I don't think I have a problem do I ?:wacko:


Maybe I do, if I can just remember where I put my mouse:unsure:



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I use a pair of 2 power glasses when computing and it's taken several frustrating times for me to learn not to move them on top of my head.  When I'm done with normal no-glasses (cataract removal and back to 20/20 lens) things, I can never find those glasses.

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