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resolved NSTU Pago Pago runway texture

Dmitriy Kozyrev

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I think I have an issue with the runway textures in Pago Pago. RWY 05-23 looks nothing like on the official promo screenshots and in videos. It stands out so badly, that I thought I was landing into default scenery.  RWY 08-26, on the other hand, is perfectly fine.


I'm using P3Dv4.3 with Global. Central, Libraries and everything else is up-to-date.






In CAVOK it looks better, but still way brighter than on the promo screens and in real life:





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27 minutes ago, Doug Sawatzky said:

Ok, thanks


The reason I ask is because I do, and mine look the same as yours....and all the other screenshots from others I look at are also the same as ours. Sorry, I realize that is not very helpful.


Good to know I'm not the only one. This is not a huge problem, just wanted to make sure that Orbx is aware of it.

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Hi dimkzr


I suspect the later versions of P3D display alphas a little differently to what we worked with during development of NSTU (FSX+P3dv2)








We tried to mimic the texture on the main runway which includes the grooves, going off the few photos we had




I toned down the grooves a little bit for P3dv4.3, maybe you would like to try it, unzip and drop into P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_PI\FTX_AA_NSTU\Texture



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