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best street stall food worldwide

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Hi all. Another old guy and I were talking the other day. Both our lives had afforded the chance to see much of the world. As were were comparing experiences, it popped up that one of our favorite memories is eating from street stalls. We agreed that some of the best food we've ever had was from vendors who had a little cart, a grill, a few spices, and a specialty food. That got me to thinking -- Us Old Coots have been everywhere, so we should have a real perspective on this matter. So....where have you had the best street stall food? 

Me? Well --Japan: whole baby squid stuffed with rice and grilled on a hibachi with soy sauce.

                   Thailand: a giant prawn grilled to perfection on a little charcoal 

                         Thailand: smashed banana grilled over charcoal and sprinkled with sugar.


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