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active (Licence query) Terrain use with Multichannel IG


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Yes you would. Our EULA licenses our products for one PC only (see 1.a).


This would mean you create four OrbxDirect accounts called IG_Sim1, IG_Sim2, IG_Sim4, IG_Sim4 (or similar) so you can differentiate each PC with its own account.


The important thing is the licenses. As for moving one installation from the master PC to the others, that is fine as long as their are licenses attached to each PC.

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Hi John, I get what your saying. But lately I have built a new rig, my old HD was formatted for data use and I have a new 1TB SSD and 2 more big HD where installed on my new MB and CPU.

I never uninstalled my old stuff? On top when I got a partial new rig (a year ago) I had to do to fresh install on a 500 mb SSD

And a third one for my new rig.


Basically I guess that our ORBX account can see if FTX Central is installed on only one PC??


Just trying to understand, Thanks, Ben

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