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active ORBX scenery does not load during descent

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It is an issue I had also with P3D V3

Now I am using P3D V4

During the approach when I am descending I see the ground unfocused.

If I modify the graphics forging P3D 4 to reload then I see the scenery . Notice that after the reload I do not suffer a big drop in fps (loocked at 30 and decreasing to 26)

It is like P3D V4 is unable to load the scenery under some (unknown) circumstances.

Is there something related to a prepar3d.cfg file or some other settting?

Thank you.

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To complete my question:

my hardware: 

Intel i7-7700 K 4.3 GHz - RAM 16GB corsair

NVIDIA GTX Geforce 1070

SSD Samsung EVO 850

Monitors: 3 screen 1920x1070. I work with the Nvidia surround set at 5840x1080x32


I did some test to optimize the scnery loading.

In particular I have insert in P3d.cfg:




Both should help in loading the scenery.

The sliders for scnery complexity and autogen are not set to maximum but to high or mid positions.


May you, with your experience, tell me which are, if exist,  the crucial parameters that affect the scenery loading?


Thank you again


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