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The American Riviera - Welcome to KSBA Santa Barbara for FSX/P3D!

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19 hours ago, Misha Cajic said:

For this initial release I decided not to include those islands simply because it's taken so long to finish this already. However, you can expect the channel islands as well as oil rigs to be included in an update in the near future, which will double the coverage area of the scenery :) 


Totally understandable...  even better that you're still considering adding it post-launch! Thanks! :)




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11 hours ago, Chrjs said:

Looking very good. But may i ask about the jetways? Are they still static jetways? I know FTX is not very keen on SODE, but could you please make it easy to "delete" the static jetways in your scenery? Then everybody is able to easily include the moving SODE jetways from GSX2 who owns that product and wishes to use it.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards



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If you are wondering why the jetways are so long it has to do with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They had to raise the terminal out of the flood plain (i  believe it was 18 inches or so) and because of that they had to extend the jetways about 25 feet so the angle was not too steep.


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Very nice Misha, your up there now with the big boys :) 


Been a wile that I was not that interested by an airport (even we could call that a small region), that is a lot of interesting stuff for the money.


This is the ORBX I love.




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