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resolved Removing ORBX objects from the scenery

Dmitriy Kozyrev

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I would like to know how to locate and remove miscellaneous ORBX objects that aren't airport-related.


Here's what I'm talking about. On the screenshot below you can see a couple of overpass roads and Jackson Memorial bridge near the KPDX airport. These objects remains even after disabling all KPDX-related ORBX files:




...which lead me to believe that they're part of ORBX PNW region.


So, is there any way to get rid of these three particular objects?


P3Dv4.3, ORBX Global, ORBX openLC NA, ORBX PNW, Portland CityScape. NO Vector.



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1 minute ago, Holger Sandmann said:

those particular objects are extrusion bridges and can be excluded, with the appropriate tag, via object exclusion rectangles in scenery development tools like ADE or SBuilderX.


Yes, you are right Holger. I simply forgot that you can exclude by type (by default, exclude erases everything, including ORBX road lights, which I wanted to keep).

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