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Orbx Products Stopped Working


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to Prepar3d and all of the add-ons available for it.  Having researched many of the available add-ons, I took the plunge into aircraft simming.

I do need some help/advise.  On Sept 18, 2018, I purchased and installed P3D v4.3 and all worked fine.  Later that day, I purchased and installed Active Sky for P3D v4 and the A2A Cessna 182T…both work as they should.

Enjoying everything so far, the next day I purchase and installed FTX Global Base Pack and FTX Global openLC North America (Transaction ID: 5ba2a046a28cd).  Beautiful.  Excellent!  I love what I see and this is going to be a lot of fun!  Then Friday comes along and it’s as though I had never installed the Orbx products as all my scenery was back to P3D stock.

Not having any luck in getting the software to work, I uninstalled everything (P3D, A2A 182T, Active Sky, and all of Orbx) and started over from scratch.

Having liked what I saw from the first two Orbx products and thinking perhaps something minor had gone wrong with the first installation, and just know all would be just fine the second time around, I purchased FTX Global VECTOR (Transaction ID: 5ba54e6b3b463).

Now, for the installation of everything.  I installed everything one at a time and checked to make sure the program worked.  P3D v4, then A2A 182t, and then Active Sky.  Perfect to this point.  Then, I let FTX Central 3 do the installation of FTX Global Base Pack, FTX Global VECTOR, and FTX Global openLC North America.  I’m just not sure of the installation order other than Global Base was first.

After the Orbx install was complete, I started up P3D and my stomach sank.  I’m not seeing any difference at all.  It’s as though Orbx was not installed as everything is still like stock, not like what I saw from my first install a few days earlier.

Why did Orbx work the first time but only for a day?  Now, even with a clean install Orbx is not working.  Am I doing something work?  I’m feeling like I wasted a lot of money right now!

Anyone ever experience this before? Solutions?

BTW, computer is 8700K (not overclocked), 32GB RAM, 1TB Samsung 960EVO with Windows 10 Home, and 1080ti running on 4K BenQ monitor.

Any help/advise is greatly appreciated!


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Hello Stewart and Smudger,

Yes, the first thing I did after installing FTX Central 3 was to install the libraries.  I don't see a way of uninstalling and reinstalling them, or to repair them like some software packages will allow.

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OK, finally making some progress.  I've gotten everything installed and Orbx "seems" to be working, but not sure.  With the products I've purchased and installed, I could have sworn the airports would have changed to look a bit more realistic, however, they have not.  I see houses where a hanger should be.  I see houses where there should be none.  Perhaps this is the way it is supposed to be.  Perhaps I need to purchase something else just to get airports to look the way they should.  For example, my home GA Airport is KMBO in Madison, Mississippi.  I'm seeing only 1 hanger where there should be 3.  I was thinking I saw this as being correct when I installed the Orbx products listed in my original post.

I'm beginning to wonder if the listed order of my scenery for P3D V4 is correct.  Could someone look over my settings and let me know if this is correct or if I need to change something.

Many thanks!





·       FTXXX_OLC_FixedAPT

·       ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 (openLC for Northern America)

·       ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA2 (openLC for Northern America)

·       ORBX!OPENLC_EUROPE1 (openLC Europe)

·       ORBX!OPENLC_zBASE (openLC base)

·       Bathymetry

·       SanDiego

·       … (all stock P3D scenery)

·       Asia

·       Africa


·       ORBX!VECTOR_FixedAPT




·       1107 Base

·       … (all numbered P3D sceneries)

·       0000 Base


·       Default Scenery

·       Default Terrain

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