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Blurries, Blurries again, damn Blurries

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Hello everyone, I am here again, after a few days, to ask again for your precious help.
A few days ago, after updating the libraries through FTX, I found myself in the very bad situation you see in the first image I am attaching to you.
I state that it had not happened until now, a problem of this type with Orbx.
I want to clarify that, before writing my request for help, I tried to follow some advice given in similar situations on this forum (delete the Shaders folder,for example), but without success.
My specs: 
P3D v 3.4, 
I5 7600 K processor 
GPU Gtx 750 Ti, 
Motherboard Asus  Z 270 F, 
Ram DDR4 8Gb.
In the second image that I am attaching, you will notice how it was the situation until a few days before this hateful problem.
I hope you want to help me solve this problem.
Thank you, Valerio.



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the last library update was just a few files that could not possibly affect performance.

Your screen shot is showing that your PC is not keeping up with the demands that P3D

is making of it.

If you have not already done so, please lock your frame rate to say 24 fps and slow down.

You can also improve things by zooming out to around 70%.

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Mike, thank you very much for your contribution.
As soon as I'm home I'll also try the solution you suggested.
Actually I have GSX, but since GSX 2 came out, any update I have to do, is asked to do it with their new updater ... and in fact some problems have arisen in the release period of their new updater ...
I'll keep you up-to-date.
Regards, Valerio.


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Hi guys, I also tried the solution suggested by Mike, but nothing has changed.
Blurries, blurries and blurries.
Usual situation: at the beginning of the flight, everything is loaded perfectly, as soon as you climb altitude, the visualization problems begin: both for the texture of the ground, and for some parts of the aircraft fuselage (engines and rudder above all), which remain black.
All of this is really frustrating and I do not really know how to solve this problem.
Every contribution is absolutely welcome.
Thanks, Valerio.
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Hey Coda I to had the same issue and this is what fixed it for me! I run about 6TB total on the hard drive and they are loaded with planes and scenery! The first thing I did is go into P3Dv4 and started shutting off everything that I was not flying around! If I am in Southern California then that is all that is active plus the airports I'll be flying to or close to in case of emergency landing! Believe it or not my blurries are completely gone now that I to the heat off the GRU so to speak. I realized it is easy to over load the system with add-on's. Nick's suggestion is great as well but if you have to much running your PC will sink, Give it a try and I hope it works for you. When I fly I run Vector, Global, the region and most airports in that region, problem solved on this end.

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Dear Cyclone, first of all, thank you for your welcome contribution to the resolution of this hateful problem.
Even I load only the airports and the alternatives that I expect to fly, leaving naturally all the Orbx checkers (Global and LC Europe, North and South America) ...
I do not know what are the entries in the library scenarios that I can further disable and, if you want, advise me as well.
That said, I will gladly try to follow your advice.
Thank you so much.
Stay tuned.



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I am also having this problem of blurries that just started a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I have done to P3Dv4.5, Orbx or my settings is re-install P3Dv4.5. I believe the re-installation included a new Hot Fix. This may be causing my problem but I don't know what to do about it. I just ordered a new 2060 Super GPS graphics card. It will be coming in this week. I am hoping that will solve my problem.  

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When you see the blurries....press PAUSE...and sit...watch....and what will happen is you will see before your eyes, all elements tighten up, and come into focus...ALSO...elements that were not even rendered (autogen) in the scene as you flew over...will appear.  When you see this...your system simply can't render in live time, at the simulated knots you are flying over the scenery.  Now...when the scenery looks fabulous under you....press PAUSE again...and fly with a downward view.  What will happen, is as you fly out of the range of the clear, crisp and fully rendered scenery, once more...before your eyes...your scenery will decay into blur. Your roads will become jagged,  autogen will not be placed upon the blurry scenery, you will have little to no traffic spawning.  Now, the only thing you can do...if you wish (and probably do) to fly what you like...you will need to start dropping back the three WORLD sliders once full setting to the left, and then fly....keep setting them back....( I know...you don't like this....) UNTIL, you can fly over terrain at your required knots...and your scenery will stay full rendered, clear, crisp.  That will be what your system needs to stay at to negate the blurries.  If you don't do this...you WILL NOT EVER obtain clear and fully rendered scenery below you, and out along your flight path.  


You might want to try at the present setting you are getting 'those damn blurries'....and fly an old fashioned Bi-Plane...that runs around at 60 knots...and see if your scenery can keep up as you pass over it at 50-75 knots.   If you can...then that is also a solution....slow down....but yet keep your settings where you were blurry at over 125 knots...

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