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ESSV Triple Pack Coming Soon to FSX/P3D

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Outstanding shots, and great introduction to three Swedish airports, now I will know where to fly from Stockholm, and I want to reach Kiruna before the winter sets in. Thanks Aimee for posting these. I cannot believe that I only saw them now, two days after your announcement :)

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YESSS! This is amazing and a instant buy for me, can't wait.  Thanks so much for this.

1 hour ago, Metthos said:

This is great stuff.
A must have.
One suggestion is to look at Finland and maybe EFHK Helsinki ;)
I can´t find any 3rd party add on P3Dv4 at all for Finland. 

+1 Finland is no man's land at the moment in p3d. Would be so glad that Orbx brings it's magic there! 

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JEAAAAAH! This is better than a dream coming true.


Marcus, I have been looking for a visby scenery for YEARS! Now if only someone would do a finnish airport bundle and include Joensuu EFJO haha...

Seriously, thanks for developing these. 


Äntligen får Sverige tre häftiga flygplatser, wau.


TACK ska du ha!


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My guess and wish for the third mystery airport became true!! And it is even better than I had imagined it, the old town of Visby with its medieval city wall is included, it's just amazing! Also really excited about the other two airports and surronding areas. I'm borned and raised just 50 kilometres south of ESSD so this airport will be a little like coming back home for me! 

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Holy Moses!

This is great indeed, so glad we'll have more options for Sweden.

I agree with that we urgently need airports in Finland.

Look at the avatar on top of the stairs at the door of the plane!!

I think I'll enjoy a lot the avatar hikes all around these three.

I can't wait to get them as I have always wondered why just Arlanda in Sweeden...

Please surprises us with Finland :)

Thank you, Marcus. I hope to see as many developments in Sweeden as we have in Norway :D

Thank you, Aimee, for such pleasant pictures.

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