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NZGS Changes to Airport planned


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The NZGS scenery looks great, however, the airport is due to undergo major changes in the near future with the discussion plans and model to be dispalyed at the airport shortly.

Will Orbx allow a free upgrade to the 'new' NZAGS after the development has been completed?


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that would be a decision for the developer.

However, it has been made very clear many times that Orbx airports are

created as they are when researched by the developer.

We receive constant requests to change this or that detail, free of charge of

course but the airports are snapshots and there is no undertaking when they are

released to update them with changes made at the real world location.


I am sure it would be cool if that happened but only a little thought would reveal

that the developers and the company would be working for nothing a large percentage

of the time and also have much less time to develop new projects.

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+1 on Nick's comments.

I fly a lot of vintage aircraft and have no problem flying into 'vintage' or 'old versions' of airports. 

Generally, when an airport is created it's a snapshot in time & in years to come, perhaps after Gisborne is re-developed, people will look back at the Orbx rendition of what it is currently like, not necessarily with nostalgia, but to be able to appreciate how it looked 'back then'. :)


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I can understand locals wanting it to be up to date, but for those that will never get to fly there, old is fine. Great, in fact. I'm guessing Meigs was a top seller? I'm happy with NZGS as it is, but maybe Finni can change the TV's bitcoin news when it finally tanks. :D

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