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answered orbx Gisborne Corrections Please


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Thank you so much for doing my home airport where I live and done most of my Real world Flying is so cool to fly from  here and see it look so real. 

If I may as a local there are a couple of things if could be change if/when updated  ones for me that would make it even more turn to life.

these are only my Ideas, not even sure they are a easy fix for you 

The Float planes, marked red  we don't have any here, I would remove and replace with a Cessna in front of the Light aircraft hangers.

The ECT rescue helicopter could be moved to it base I have marked in blue on top view 

and the Green marked Barron could be changed to a Vee-tailed Bonanza (old) or a Mooney Bravo (new) as these are Aircraft the Hanger own as had or uses now.


once again just a View point from a Gizzy Local 


Mauruuru ahau e tumanako ana ki to whakautu

Thank you I look forward to your reply 


Turanganui a kiwa (Gisborne)

NZGS 5b9814fd6f046




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The float planes topic is interesting, it was discussed during testing, about those planes not being able to take off, then someone else posted a photo of a float plane on a trailer being taken off to the water somewhere.


Are you sure the float planes weren't based at the airport at the time the scenery imagery was produced?

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It was me who posted that photo. And it's a real world operation for getting seaplanes from land to sea. 


In Gisborne though, they obviously don't have any of those. And I simply used them as "fillers" to make the airport seem a bit more alive. 

Will replace them with wheeled versions for 1.1 :)

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