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Dealing With Existing Non-ORBX Scenery


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Nick et al,


I am keen to purchase, download and install openLC_EU  and openLC_NA, amongst many other detailed airports.


But before doing so, as you can see in the attached JPG,  I have already collected various airports and part area scenery as listed. I would assume if I were to purchase LSZH (Zurich) airport from ORBX, I would first remove the one listed, i.e. for a particular airport (ICAO) , but what about airports within the ORBX  openLC_EU  and openLC_NA ?


What I really need to know is what are the rules for cleaning up, dealing with, or deleting such entries BEFOREHAND in preparation so as to avoid conflicts, clashes or other undesirable outcomes with ORBX products.


e.g. there are entries for OahuWC and OahuLC. Will these interfere with openLC_NA for the Hawaiian Islands, etc, etc.


Some guidance for good outcomes would be much appreciated!

Existing Addon Scenery.jpg

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start by using the FTX Central Insertion Point tool to place all the ORBX scenery below

all the other addons that you have.

None of them will have a global effect and you can deal with any anomalies that might appear.

There is no system as far as I am aware to prevent anomalies, other than to avoid installing

incompatible or duplicate addons.

If you have a problem at Oahu for example, try unticking the Oahu LC scenery library entry

but you may not have a problem.

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