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How to post a screen shot - detailed version

Rodger Pettichord

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Well done on the rewrite Rodger, maybe more people will post screenshots with the help of this guide,  Maybe someone could pin it (if nowhere else) in the Old Coots Club for us old timers that have memory troubles, :rolleyes::wacko:B)

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Hi since this is a sticky I would like to share an easy way to compress image a bit and to reduce them in size.

The software is FREE and I mean fully FREE, I have been using this one for light image work for over 12 years.

Even with my very fast internet I see some image being loaded very slowly due to their big size.


First he is the link for PhotoScape



Here are 4 images to explain how to do it, all image are hosted on Imgur https://imgur.com/


Mine is in French but it's the same in English

It does quite a few nice things for a free editor


But the following are for single image, but if you want to do more then 1 image at a time it will be called : Batch Editor just on the right of Edition (Traitement par Lots)




Simple choose your folder, in this case FSX, on the bottom left of the software you will see all images in this folder, just click on the want you want.

In red you can see the image size, in this case, 2560 X 1576, a bit bellow is the Resize tool, all the classic size are already in there. Choose one



Same image is now at 1280 x 788, you can even use some tool to make it look better. Now that your done, hit the Save (Enregistrer in French here)




On this save screen you have many choice, but one is to compress your image a bit, even 95% make a big difference, I use anything between 85-95%

The rest is self explanatory... I know French is bizarre ha ha

Cheers, Ben




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Hi guys !

Because a lot of you are using different Simulators,I beg you to tag your shots with the appropriate abbreviation for the Sim.

I do not want to be impolite,but I am not interested in XP or AF2 shots.Thank you.



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Roger, Hi.  As a senior, and retired teacher, I have been somewhat exposed to technology.  However, this is a journey! OMG! Why do they make it so complicated.  There are so many steps.  How the heck do people do this? Your instructions are very detailed and specific.  I surely hope I don't get lost along the way. Wish me luck.   Thank you so much for your time and efficiency.

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to How to post a screen shot


please note the edits I have added today for those of you who use imgur to host your images.

In brief,

1. [img] [/img] no longer works, the https address in between them will work without the [img] [/img],

as will the Direct link to the image from any site.

2. http addresses will no longer work, only https.


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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to How to post a screen shot - detailed version
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