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Misplaced Fertilia village in Sardinia

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Good evening,


I am using FSX with FTX Global ,Vector and openLC Europe (plus several other specific Orbx products).

I am very happy with them, however I have noticed that, for some reason, the Fertilia village in Sardinia (Italy) is misplaced.

It should be by the sea, near the Fertilia airport, but with openLC Europe it is attached to the airport, while the area near the sea is empty.

You can see it in the screenshot below. The green name "Fertilia" shows where the town should actually be,  and the village almost "over" the airport is where openLc placed it.

I have to specify that all the other towns/villages/mountains ect. are placed in the correct position and very well represented.

I do not have any other third part products active.


I understand that this is just a small detail, however I would like to know if you have any idea why it is happening and how to place the town in his actual place.


Thank you,



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