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OpenLC Europe installation error(s).


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Morning all,


I've been having some trouble trying to install OpenLC Europe for the past day, I've tried numerous things (manually downloading the file from the ORBX site, clearing my FTX central temp files, clicking cointinue/retry when the message box appears and re-downloading FTX central.


All other ORBX products have installed correctly just not OpenLC Europe.


The version of FTX Central I'm using is v3.2.5.9 however I've noticed on occasion this roles back slightly and keeps asking me to update, I have downloaded the programme from the ORBX site again to see whether this fixes any issues.


Below are some of the error logs I've received. I think a couple of them are the same but from different occasions so I thought I'd add them too.


Thanks in advance.






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Hi Nick, thanks for the link. Just going to try the latter option (by opting into Fast Lane) and will report back in shortly.


Edit: Using the beta (Fast Lane) version of FTX central and changing the temp directory has resolved the issues. :)


Edit 2: @Nick Cooper Thread can now be marked as resolved :)

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