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I tried to install Netherlands TrueEarth through FTX Central. It downloaded, extracted 2% and failed.

I tried downloading manually but the download failed at 70gb

I tried FTX Central again and it told me that I didn't have enough space.

I tried downloading manually again and it failed again.

I tried deleting the entries in my app data files and used FTX Central again, it downloaded but would not extract.

I deleted the app data entries again and was going to download manually again, but my account now says 'No download available'

Help, please.


Purchase ID 5ae07855e1f1c


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welcome to the forums.

If you have not yet done so, please opt in to the Fastlane and so allow FTX Central to update to its latest version.


That should then tell you if you do not have enough disk space and on the settings page,

allow you to download to a location where there is enough.

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