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resolved P3Dv42 LOWI Black Textures

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I had previously noted that there were black sections as I approached LOWI. (image provised)

I did see a post related to this (can't find it now) and followed the instructions to remove and re-install the LC EU package.

This seems to have not solved the problem.

Also some sections of the textures do appear as I get closer but not all of them appear.


I have Pilots mesh, Global, Vector, LC EU, Germany North, Germany South, LOWI amongst many others.


Any suggestions as how to remedy this?


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Thanks for the reply Nick,


I had purchased LOWI long before I purchased Germany South.

When I checked today I found that the option to use LOWI with Germany South was not checked.

I did change it and after starting P3D it saw new scenery to index.

Too bad the GES installer did not know about LOWI and make the changes for me so that I would not have fallen into this trap.

I made a flight and things are much better although I am uncertain as to the amount of dark areas that show up.

Two images; 1 is from afar and 2 is closer.



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Gosh, this same issue was driving me crazy. After lots of head scratching and looking in the wrong part of the ORBX forums!


I came upon this postAhhhHAAAA now I see the errors in my ways, all is fixed.


Orbx Germany is incredible. Happy Flying

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