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OpenLC_Base correct FSX library position

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To all,

I have several Orbx LC add-ons and seems to me the LC Base should appear lower in the FSX library hierarchy than the other Orbx LC layers so that the other LCs can layer on top (of the base).  Is there

something wrong with my thinking here?  Could be.   OpenLC_Base  keeps moving itself back above the other LC layers (ie. OpenLC_Europe, OpenLC_NAmerica, etc).  Hope

someone here can set me straight on this. 

  Below is inserted a screen capture (crop) of how I have been trying to maintain the order of my LC add-ons.  With reference to the above statements,  does this order look correct, incorrect,  or does it

even matter ? 

Thank you,




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Hi Ken


It doesn't matter in which order the OpenLC entries are in relation to each other, as long as they are in the correct order in relation to everything else as per the insertion point instructions below.






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