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iBlueYonder Migration Install Procedure


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All too often, in the flight sim world, pertinent information is fragmented and well dispersed - it only took me about an hour to piece together the proper iBlueYonder migration/install procedure. Here is what I have found, so far, in hopes that others will benefit from time saved...


Tacked onto the bottom of this release announcement; Bill's back with KACK Nantucket Memorial Airport, 2B2 Plum Island Airport/6B6 Minute Man Air Field


If you have the iBlueYonder versions installed and wish to install the Orbx version, please uninstall the iBlueYonder versions first. You will also need to remove the two xml files "iBlueYonder_2B2.xml" and "iBlueYonder_6b6.xml" from the ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\xml folder if you have SODE installed.


**SODE files - I suspect you would have to remove the "iBlueYonder_Nantucket.xml" file also if installing the ORBX version of KACK**


Almost forgot: It's probably a good idea to remove these entries from your sim's  scenery library before you axe any files...


That covers most of it.



What about the "Plum Island - Minute Man FTX Global Blending...

- uninstall it or not ? 

I suspect either;

a ) it is built into the ORBX package and not required


b ) it is no longer pertinent...



It is pretty much agreed that ORBX products are benchmark quality - possibly an understatement. Probably also agreed that they come at a premium price. No complaint but TBH, some can only purchase at sale prices simply due to the cost versus number of available packages (BTW-thank you for the excellent sales ;-)) ). Again - no complaint - but did you ever add up the cost if one were to purchase everything on the ORBX product list :huh: . Shooo baby...Inevitably most, if not all, of us will eventually. I see JV smiling now...lol...


So, regarding the "Third Party Retailer" conundrum - the only way for someone to acquire the ORBX upgrades to iBlueYonder products purchased from TPR's, is to re-purchase them - through ORBX. Hmm...seems we could do a little better here. Some say they don't mind supporting (again) - and I get that - but, it does bite to have to pay again...


So, why not a "Customer Loyalty" initiative. Say - a coupon offering to loyal customers who purchased from TPR's, to redeem at the ORBX store. Basically we would simply be rolling 'already purchased' products under the ORBX umbrella. Ultimately, this is the only way to ensure proper upgrading moving forward. You get happy (loyal) customers and we get the warm fuzzy feeling of being well looked after...a win-win for sure...


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You've pretty much nailed the uninstall/reinstall procedure, I think. Apologies for not making all that clearer from the get-go. I'm still getting used to being integrated into this new team, and despite their excellent support they haven't learned how to read my mind yet. :huh:


Regarding the third-party sales, the issue is multi-pronged and requires cooperation between stores who might otherwise consider themselves to be competitors. In order for a successful migration to happen, the original licensor - the store you bought from - has to make data on your purchase available to Orbx, who then have to create a migration path and codify it into a web page. That way, the two servers can pass validation information between them so that valid licenses get transferred.


In the case of iblueyonder.com it was easy, because I'm the sole decision-maker there, and the site's technology was set up to make the migration fairly simple. For other sites, provided they even want to interface with Orbx, it will probably take longer. Since they made the original sale, it's up to them to enable migration, I can't do that for them. It would probably help move things along if anyone who purchased an iBlueYonder scenery from a third party contacted their store and politely asked if they'd consider enabling migration. Just be understanding that it might take a bit to get it done.

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Thank you for the reply Bill...and for all you do for us simmer-heads...lol...believe me, it is G R E A T L Y appreciated...:D


And to clarify, I was speaking of the sim community in general as we quite often don't get concise direction in these types of matters. It is always nice to be able to have at least half an idea of what your doing when we start ripping and tearing at our sims...lol...


BTW, my guess is the team is already working on an algorithm to read your mind...good luck wit 'dat...eh...:banghead:


As far as TPR's and migration...I understand completely...a lot of stick-handling to say the least...


Since you spelled it out so clearly,  in comparison to the time and effort involved, considering ObjectFlow2 and any other upgrades, and getting this all combined under FTX Central' s super-convenient administration, this is all well worth $16.48...BTW, did I mention "Thank you for the sales ?"...


Well it's off to the ORBX store... ... ... ...That was easy...:lol:


Thanks Bill


Thank you ORBX.




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I'll reiterate what I said about KACK on another forum. One of the best looking airfields and surrounding area I have come across in my 18 years of simming.  Well done Mr. Womack.


Jim Mitchell



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