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active Installation of Trees HD not possible

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I got FSX from steam bundled with 5 add-on amongst other Trees HD.

Steam indicates that all 5 add-on are Installed, by that is not true.

I have now used several hours on forums etc. and not got it to work.

My Trees are installed in a folder called; .../steam/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/379565/FTX Trees HD

FTX Central can't find it and I'm just lost. How do I activate/install Trees HD

I have used the FSX Registry Utility and it point to the right directory and I have only one copy of FS on the PC

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welcome to the forums.


Steam DLC addons are not the same as Orbx Direct purchased add ons and do not show in

or work with FTX Central.

I am sorry that you have wasted all that time.

I would assume that if you open Steam, you will see a report that your add ons are indeed installed.

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Oh yes, steam indicates that all 5 add-on are installed. BUT why is the trees still the default FSX versions and not Orbx HD Trees????

Where do I find an installation guide for Steam/orbx products?

Who will help me?


I'm getting very very frustrated, I have waisted a lot of good hours where I could have been "flying" instead.

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