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active San Diego Cityscape (what happened to nightime building lighting?)

Tim Jahns

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So, about a year ago in early 2017 I took a screenshot of the San Diego skyline at night (as viewed from Coronado island) in P3Dv3.4 with SCA (no KSAN yet) and the buildings were gorgeous (very close to RW even -- see 1st pic below).  Now, a year later, with P3Dv4.x, the buildings are not as dramatically lit as they were previously (see second pic, below).  I've tried numerous various different settings in P3D and FTX Central (and even different times of the evening and days of the week), but have been unsuccessful in getting the beautiful lighting back.  What gives?5a9a50cf5dc9d_2017-03-28(SanDiegoSkylinefromCoronadoIsland-P3Dv3.4HF3withORBXSCAv1.0).thumb.png.db4c633bb1866843187ff8415fe4a458.png5a9a50d7a8459_2017-03-28(SanDiegoSkylinefromCoronadoIsland-P3Dv4.2withORBXSCAandKSA1.10).thumb.png.ce742b4e88ffcdb89f403db221477d57.png

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