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Happy Saint Patrick's Day and Slainte




Virtual Tour of Seven Castles in Ireland
The Castle Scenery is freeware from Daniel Florentin.  
He specifically adapted this scenery for Orbx Scenery Europe EU Ireland.
The castle are shown in this order:
3.Blackrock (Cork)

His scenery is available for download on AVSIM: ‘Ireland-Castles_pack_01.zip” and  “Ireland_castles_pack_01_2.zip”
I included actual pictures of the castle to show you the excellent reproductions Daniel produced.  
Mr. Florentin also included night textures that are also shown in this video.

I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman,  

Please subscribe to OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS  channel for new releases at
This is a non-commercial  hobby youtube channel.      

A special thank you to Daniel Florentin for his wonderful scenery.

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49 minutes ago, speedy70 said:

I cannot find either of these files at avsim.


                           Cheers Chris


I couldn't find those files either, but if you search for "Daniel Florentin" at Avsim, you will find two Ireland Full VFR scenery packages, which may include these scenery objects.





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Hello Chris and Scott;


Please accept my apology for the misleading information!



The information was a reference from Daniel in his "readme" file for the scenery in my addon scenery folder. 

Unfortunately, as you found out they don't exist anymore on AVSIM. 


The scenery was from December 2013.  I have just gotten into making videos in my retirement and thought this would be a good project for St. Pats day.

As you may know AVSIM had a revamping done several years ago and have lost or not replaced many older files.



Thanks for pointing out the search fact.  Daniel  has two file on AVSIM that includes all his work.  I'll download them and check it out.   

The castles should be one of the first ones he made..  


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On 03/03/2018 at 6:55 AM, POLYMERMAN said:

Hello Chris and Scott I downloaded both of the "newer" files and the castles are in the "Ireland Full VFR" zip file on AVSIM.

Sorry about that issue.


No worries at all!


Thanks for checking that out.



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