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i can't download the 3.5.4 version of ftcentral [I don't have an ---  key, coffee ate it, very debilitating] and therefore can't install any of the three aerofly fs2 titles i just bought from you.  i am a fastlane user.  i am a little worried that you are selling your airports only for the STEAM version (i have the  aerosoft DVD download) -- please tell me it ain;t so.


Indeed please tell us on the orb site from which you sell everything, something -- anything -- about the aerofly products you sell there.


am desperate for  the new ftcentral if that is the solution for everything.


thank you.


here are the numbers for my aerofly purchases: 

LOWI Innsbruck   5a83ad6d603e0   2018-02-21 01:35:59

KEGE Eagle County    5a83ad6d603e0   2018-02-21 01:35:59

KMRY Monterrey  5a83ad6d603e0  2018-02-21 01:35:59

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3 hours ago, teecee said:

Now you have baffled me John (told you I was an old guy losing his marbles) Nick says I don't need it, and you seem to be indicating I do??  Teecee.


1 hour ago, Triplane said:

Teecee - Please, don't go there. You don't need it and to opt-in will only complicate things.........Doug



Here is the reminder of computer rules number 1 to 3:

  1. Never change a running system.
  2. If it ain´t broken, don´t fix it.
  3. Never change a running system
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Problem is some vendors eventually present an update with truly nice and/or required updates. If you have to been entering updates all along then there may be a need to run X updates just to get to the required  update. Microsoft used to do that. However, now they offer all-inclusive updates that contain ALL the stuff you ignored. I appreciated that when reinstalling Windows 10 from disk that was not up-to-date.



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