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Migrate FSX scenery to P3D V4.1

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Hi Folks,


This is my first time here, so forgive me if I am posting this question in the wrong section.

I am using FSX SE with variety of ORBX scenery packages: Global Base / Vector / OpenLC Europe / OpenLC North America / Europe Ireland / Innsbruck. They all work very well except for Ireland and Innsbruck which pretty quickly run into OOM flying the standard 737-800. So I am strongly considering moving to P3Dv4.1 to see what the 64 bit world looks like. My question is, can I migrate my existing ORBX FSX SE scenery to P3D or would I have to buy all that again? And if it is possible to migrate it, how would I do that? Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


My system includes:

i7-7700 4.2GHz - not overclocked

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080

32GB (4x8) DDR4

Enclosed cockpit with 4 Monitors - 3 for external views, 1 for instruments.


Many thanks in advance




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Thanks Hal,


So should I uninstall the scenery from FSX first and then load the P3Dv4.1 versions and do they automatically attach themselves to the P3D program and ignore FSX? Are you happy with the change to P3D and did you retain FSX as well or make a total break?


Thanks again.


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if you have installed P3D v4 and run it at least once, FTX Central should offer

you a start menu where you can select either FSX or P3Dv4.

Select P3D v4 and install your products again.

FTX central will automatically use whatever files it can from your FSX installation

and download only the ones that it needs, so the process should be much faster than

installing to a first simulator version.

For what it's worth, I also have FSX installed and for now, have no intention of removing it.

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