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LDPL vehicle/object night textures.

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I just purchased LDPL and have a few items that seems strange or incorrect:


1. Some of the static vehicles/buses and objects are extremely bright at night. I think there is no LM texture or the LM texture used is from the library and is intentionally bright because it is used in another Orbx scenery. Dynamic Lighting should take care of any illumination required.

2. Taxi signs: Are these not backlit at night? 

3. Taxi lights: The blue "halo" is poorly visible and can in some cases only been seen from certain angles. Note: The same applies for runway lights, wig-wags, etc.

4. Dynamic Lighting: Good FPS but extremely bright. Perhaps a dimmed and more realistic(?) option could be included. Note: Same applies for LOWI. ESSA is more realistic, but are perhaps of a different type.


Any feedback appreciated. Screenshots can be added, if needed.


Cheers, Steve 

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I wonder if some of this is settings in your copy of P3Dv4.


I agree that the buses are too bright and your suggested explanation may well be correct.

I don't find the rest of the airports to be too bright, I see this:





This is how I see the taxi lights and signs. I agree again, the signs are not backlit but they do remain visible.



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Hi Nick,


Thanks for the fast reply.


- My taxi-lights do not look like that (I wish they did). Which setting do you think it could be? I have the smallest lights in Orbx Vector light configurator selected. Could this be the culprit? I also use PTA. Maybe something there?

- I still think the apron lighting is a bit bright. If there is a setting in a fx-file that can be changed, I would like to try that. Just direct me to the right fx file.

- Attached is your screenshot with additional vehicle/object locations circled in. Please have a look.





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I have now tried everything but uninstall P3Dv4.1 itself. As you see in my next screenshot, the taxi-light halo only shows up if an 3D object is on the opposite side. Same applies for the runway/edge/thresholt lights. Must have something to do with the alpha channel or some other transparency setting for the object/effect. Help from the author needed on this issue.




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