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How to operate the Vector AEC function

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Hello Orbx ... I am a little confused on how to use Manual Elevation Corrections window which I find is not very intuitive. I cant figure out how to use the entry window. I recently noticed that my FSDT KLAS Las Vegas Airport was below the ground but when I tried to disable it by selecting it in the LEFT HAND LIST and then clicking disable which transferred it into the right hand list (at the bottom of the list; I might add!!!), it did not correct the problem. Is there a small tutorial available on how to use the Manual Elevation Corrections Window as I find it intuitively  hard to figure out. Also do we choose ENABLE or DISABLE if an airport is above or below the ground? I would appreciate some help on this one please.

Thank you for your continuing support.

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Hello Terry, I have prepared an image to help you out.





1. To enable AEC, simply select the ICAO code in the right hand column and click on Enable instead.

Then perform stages 5, 6 and 7.


2. If there is apparently an elevation error, change the airport from which ever column it is in to the other column.

Note that not all airports are in the Vector database, if one is not, there will be no ICAO code to select and the 

elevation error will have a different cause.


3. Note that you can create a profile, Save Profile as.... If you do this, your chosen settings can be restored at any time,

Load Profile...

The profile is by default stored in the FTX_VECTOR folder. You may wish to back it up elsewhere in the event of a

re-installation being necessary.




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Thanks for the step by step explanation .  However, that only works if the airport is already in the list.  What about an airport that's not in either list, RE: PAMR, Merrill Field, which is a very popular GA airport located in the center of  Anchorage Alaska.  Appreciate your support.


Global Vector Order #FSS0382240

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