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ORBX Scenery Multiple Airport Elevation Issues P3D v.4.1


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I love the challenge of flying GA aircraft from and to totally immersive real world airports.  I own every ORBX scenery as a result.   Lately, I have been having an increasingly recurring problem of the ORBX airport elevations being messed up to where the airports are unusable.  I use Vector and have run the airport elevation configuration.  I use the new Pilot's mesh software and have installed more than 50 addon sceneries from various developers and I do not have elevation issues with any of the non-ORBX airport scenery I have installed (FSDT FlyTampa, Flight Beam, etc.), other than KTNP.  I didn't start having the elevation problems with the ORBX scenery until I updated to P3D v.4.1.  I don't know whether it is a Vector or P3D problem.  I do know I want to find a way to fix it.  Here are some screen caps of some samples:













Everything is updated to the latest version.  I have an AS Rock Z-170 motherboard, Pentium i7-7700 4.2 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1080Ti (11 GB RAM) and 32 GB RAM.    Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


Chuck Rogers

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your images look typical of missing airport elevation adjustment files or

the adverse effects of Vector AEC.

I would advise you to reinstall the regions and then the airports.

Do this by deleting the ORBX\User documents\Version text file for each one.

FTX Central should then check all the files and replace any that are missing.

You might need to individually check the airports Vector AEC settings.

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