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LEBB Elevation Problems

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This is what i get if i set Mesh Resolution from 5 to 2 or 1m. My airplane stays on top, but my AI Traffic from UTLIve stays below the surface. Also the Jetways go still into the earth. If i remove LEBB all is ok in this area (Standard). Also if go to other spotas on this airport i still sink into the ground





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You may be able to add it yourself.

Its target is scenery\world and its name should be "Default terrain".

It should be placed just below Default scenery".


An alternative would be to rename your scenery.cfg file, replace it with the

default P3D v4 one I have attached and run FTX Central until you see

"Activating Orbx scenery" appear and disappear.

This will add all the FTX entries and at the same time replace the Default terrain

entry and remove all your other addon scenery.

Please then return to LEBB and see if the error persists.


After that, you can restore your own scenery.cfg file but you will need to add in the missing entry.


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