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P3d does not start after Lc installation

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Bought South America LC, had Global, had NA lc, libraries installed up to date. P3D v4 ran perfectly. Installed South America Lc, sim doesn't start after that. The process is hanging in Task Manager, doesn't go pass that. I have tried (with reboots)

Deleted South America Lc, deleted:

prepar3d.cfg, exe.xml, dll.xml, scenery indexes_x64,SceneryStatus.bin, Prepar3D_Default.fxml, Prepar3D_Default.wx


Nothing helps, did all the steps required for the clean start. I don't want to reinstall P3d. Any thoughts why?

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welcome to the forums.

Sometimes customers have found their FTX scenery library entries

placed below the P3D default scenery.

If this is the case, P3D will not start.

Please visit the Insertion Point tool on the FTX Central settings page and set the insertion points like this:



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