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Writing in Scenery Texture Issue

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I am getting an issue in the textures in the default P3D v4. I have noticed in certain area's for example the hills around Kathmandu Airport you get the season written in the scenery as per the screenshot i have attached. I have seen bits about this but I have had other people check on their system without Orbx Base like myself and they don't see it at this place?


I currently have

ORBX Iceland (Demo)

ORBX England (Receipt: 5a0c9f654d785)


but this is in the Himalaya's and also seen in Madeira, so if not everyone gets it happening would it be an issue with my set up? or an issue with me having some of your area's installed but not the Global Base? (I am getting this of Santa ;)).


Essentially when I get Global Base would this cover over the default in its entirety and thus remove the writing.


In the Kathmandu region it does this for Spring, Winter and Fall (summer doesn't show cause this)

Madeira where I noticed this only seems to happen in the Spring setting?


Any help would be greatly appreciated and look forward to Orbxing my system at Christmas as I have just converted to v4!






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I have FTX Global and still see the words "WINTER" in red letters at co-ordinates N28*17.91  E82*30.48; that would be western Nepal.  The patches of lettering are scattered over a wide area around the aforementioned co-ordinates.  I am running P3Dv4.5a20b052cf8c6_RedWinter.thumb.jpg.932ce904b5225e11b4a59602e254071d.jpg

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