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GEN 1.20 - regional facades

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Holger or Frank,

could you please make a short statement if the LC will be enhacend as well?

What I mean.....flying in the GEN area there are alot of Villages and even smaller cities which have rather sharp straight bounderies betweem the the enviroment like fields or woods and the Cities or Village tiles and that looks odd.

I noticed it very rarely in the GES area!j


Unfortunately the screenshots Frank made are very nice but from this low altitude the problem I described is not visible.

I know that he was concentrating to the new, very nice houses, which I highly appreciate!


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36 minutes ago, Holger Sandmann said:

Hi Holi,


indeed, one of the advantages of these new village landclass types is that Frank came up with a very clever texture layout that makes the inevitable sharp polygon edges less obvious. That's what we used in GES and will now be implemented in GEN as well; we never stop learning B)


Moreover, with GES we used a higher minimum-area threshold for forest, shrub, and village polygons (smaller polys were removed from the landclass files). The GEN service pack will implement the same threshold and my GIS software tells me that I've deleted >100,000 small polygons. 


That being said, most villages in the GES region are of the "Haufendorf" type, meaning they have more or less round outlines. In addition, local fields tend to be smaller and curved. By contrast, in the lowland areas of GEN, villages are often more rectangular and strechted out along roads (Strassendoerfer), which makes their edges much more obvious. Plus, fields tend to be much larger as well so it's more likely that a village or forest polygon sits right in the middle of it. In other words, I don't want to give the impression that you won't see any sharp edges anymore, GEN is more difficult to work with in that regard than GES.


We may get around to posting some before/after screenshots from VFR altitude prior to releasing the service pack.


Cheers, Holger


Great to see the ongoing improvements.


As you mention the problems of the landclass system - can we have any hope that it will be replaced with a full photoreal coverage of Germany some time in the future?



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Very interesting, and I am simply stunned the depth of research that goes into this.  You are truly master craftsmen, Holger.  Ask me how rooftops and facades in Texas differ from those in Colorado, Arizona, Florida or Virginia and I would be unable to provide any sort of intelligent answer -- not to mention, having even an inkling of how to implement this in FSX/P3D.

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7 hours ago, Ripcord said:

Very interesting, and I am simply stunned the depth of research that goes into this.




It makes me feel like a total moron and jerk that I initially was a bit negative about the Germany regions... how dare I. Luckily I saw the light after a while, also thanks to some good flightplan tips on this forum. Right now Germany is the only place I fly!!! It's good to see things are still being enhanced and improved! (Can't wait to cross the border and fly into FTX Netherlands Photoreal though...! ;) )

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8 hours ago, Ripcord said:


Very interesting, and I am simply stunned the depth of research that goes into this. 



Great news! Thx for constantly pushing the boundaries. In GES I can actually fly traffic patterns at airports I know from real world flights just by using known landmarks. Having used FTX Global, Vector- and landclass data for Germany before, the immersion has magnified with the two regions.

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Here are some animated comparison GIFs showing how small villages are currently displayed in Germany North 1.10 and in the upcoming (soon btw. :)) SP 1.20.

At this stage the landclass polygons for villages and forests can not be eliminated completely in FTX Germany but orphaned streets and cut sports grounds etc. are further reduced (like already with Germany South).







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This is indeed quite a drastic improvement to an already wonderful looking landscape. I am on the verge of pulling the P3DV4 trigger, hoping that I will get at least halfway decent performance on an i7-2700K at 4.8GHz with a new GTX1070Ti... this is all prior to a planned system upgrade, hopefully in the early New Year, to soimething like an overclocked i7-8700K running at 5GHz or slightly better (if the budget allows me to go for a delidded binned processor like the caseking.de products on offer...)



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