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Missing airport taxiways in P3D. An optional fix.

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This topic is not intended as a substitute for support requests and is not designed for everyone.

It is not intended as anything other than a simple guide to a means to fix a common occurrence.

If you are prepared to follow the guide below, please do.


If you see an error such as this in an FTX airport but do not wish to fix it yourself, please

simply make a report in the appropriate support forum.




Sometimes, airport taxiways will appear to have missing sections in P3D.

There is a fix for this, it involves the use of the freeware Airport Design Editor.,

opened for P3Dv4.


First, select this choice and navigate to the airport bgl file.




select Taxi Links




a window will open with a list of them all

click on Select all





once you have selected them all, click on Edit and adjust the Draw Detail and Draw Surface settings

to "Yes".




Click on Done.



then click on Compile and in this window, make sure that the Compile File Name is identical to the

name of the file that you are editing. 




Compile the file and copy it over the existing file, that you did of course back up first.


If you find this helpful, you are welcome.

If you find it offensive that a suggestion should be made that errors can be fixed by the customer,

please remember that there is no obligation at all to do this and support for such errors is freely available.

If you do wish to learn this simple technique, it can be applied to any airport that displays the error and can

be opened in ADE, whether payware or freeware and by any developer.

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