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Orbx Product Installation Help


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Hey Guys,


As a newbie for Orbx Systems, I just recently purchased the following products during the August 2017 Sale.

FTX Global Base Pack

FTX Global Vector

FTX Global Open LC North America

NA Northern California

NA Southern California


I just installed only "FTX Global Base Pack". I like to know the order of installation of the above products, and the backup of the products, in case I loose or format my PC.


What about Orbx libraries? When I should install or how is it related to the above products?


If I install the other products later one-by-one, do I have to pay the differences from the August sale amount?


Any help will be much appreciated.

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welcome to the forums.


You can install the products in any order you wish.

You can install them to your one PC as many times as you wish to, so unless

you have another reason to back them up, such as a very slow internet connection,

there is no need to make back ups.

None of them will work correctly until the Orbx libraries have been installed.

You have nothing more to pay.

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Hello, married to an Aussie, have a home in Hervey Bay, run FSX and have flown a crj around all of Australia in FSX.  Just bought Australia and Hervey Bay scenery and installed with absolutely no no change after a reboot, as in NADA..  Please HELP.  thanks, any landing you walk away from is a good one, astronot25

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Thank you, Chris, for your offer.  Sorry to be so late responding but I have been away.  Sounds like that unit you are running dims the lights in town when you boot it up.  Anyway I`m back and I still have no scenery.  I did download the libraries, but after I downloaded the scenery.  By the way, I`m a hardware guy and know didly about software.  FTX tells me my scenery is downloaded, installed and working properly.  NOT.  I appreciate any help and wisdom.


I`m in the US right now and am probably doomed to winter in Vermont, tied down with a leg injury, so I can`t even ski.  Kerry and I have a place  in Point Vernon near the Gataker`s boat ramp.  Kerry`s brother lives nearby and keeps an eye on things for us.


Thanks again for your help, Craig  599d874654268

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