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Sabina 171


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Other end of the Atlantic - same weather...



Brussels - Amsterdam - Copenhagen:







This illustrates the importance of understanding whose role is what on the flight deck (CRM is the TLA), and how the fuel system works!



Right now, my P3D is a four radial prop-liner sim.  Nothing else is getting a look in...

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Thanks Jack.  The second was departing Amsterdam, I think.


That was #1.  Never did get it going again.  But I was almost there anyway, so didn't try too hard.  #4 went out when the FE switched the tanks to the (now empty for 1 & 4) main tanks for approach.  2 & 3 got me home, but were the worse for wear for it.  Not a mistake I'm likely to repeat.


I had (naturally enough, I supposed) been drawing comparisons and differences between the Six, the Connie and to a degree, the Strat, both from a sim and r/w point of view.  I've realised they are all different beasts so it's a futile exercise.

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