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The return trip to Rio.  Seem to be making progress on the AA settings, thanks Lee and Jack.







There are a lot of marvelous painters out there.  The hobby would be the poorer without them...



Anyway... I'm minding my own business, plotting an instrument approach when I hear a pop and a hissing sound.  Immediately I hear 'wah, wah' from the back.  Back come the throttles and rpm from their high speed descent setting.  Over goes the nose.  By the time Betty is asking what's up I can see the cabin altitude heading the opposite way to the airframe.  Drop the nose some more to make the most of the difference to lose height quickly.  Not really ideal when I know there were hills and soup below.  Fortunately, 10k' and safety wasn't far below, and the hills weren't that high.  Right turn out to sea to buy some time to plan if it came to that.


Temperature 20.  Dew Point 19.  Those with a bit of met (or paint) study behind them will know what that means.  Broken at 700', Viz 2nm.  Apologies for the lack of on final shot.  I was preoccupied with needles.







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Thanks guys.  I can't take credit for any of it.  I'm just the keyboard jockey.  V4 is really growing on me now.  V3 was my first foray but I just couldn't get that enthused about it.  This one is different.


It appears that museum has been closed, sadly.

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