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Rio to Porto Alegre


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A change of pace from all big Boeings...





Still wet...



Clear of the worst



Coastal Brazil is spectacular now (at least of what I could see of it).  At some point I'll fly a little closer to it, but for now I'm happy plying the commercial routes to get my bearings.













The weather wasn't quite as bad as Rio, but honestly, not much better.  Wound up high and ugly.  But didn't bang it down or run out of runway.



22 hours on type, and I'm still not willing to risk career mode!


What's the go with V4 and the AA settings?  I'm not happy with what I'm getting at 8x MSAA and Anisotropic 8x with 1024 textures.  In FSX I just let nvidia Inspector do all the hard work using Tabs settings.  Is that still the best thing to do here, or is V4 better at it?

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Great captures, that plane is awesome. There's much debate about the settings. I find that 4xSSAA and Ani 8x looks much better and then you don't need NVI. However, it depends on your rig because SSAA is more demanding than MSAA, but not by much and I like the look much better.

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Thanks Lee.  I'll try that on the return flight.  I've got a 6700k/1070 combination, so reasonably grunty.  My settings are fairly mid-range apart from Ultra LOD and Very Dense scenery complexity.  90mi cloud is enough so far, and I don't really need huge amounts of buildings and trees to keep me happy.  That might change when I get my Cub back (please Scott...) and the hosts airports are up and running - but that's what simstarter is for.


Thanks Jack.  I'll have a go at 8xSSAA if I'm still not happy and see if anything melts.  The old girl provides a different set of challenges to those you're getting your head around.

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