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Palm Springs to Long Beach in the C-130 (p3dv4)


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So, off to test my theory about flying blind in the C-130. Heading off from KPSP -










"ain't got no distractions, can't hear no buzzers and bells" (think "Pinball Wizard"). Never knew what most of that stuff did, anyway <grin>



I've turned round now, and going to head up the valley



If you view this full size and zoom in you'll see the dinos just down below the tail



Up past San Bernadino



Across the hills and coming in over Anaheim



And coming in now to Long Beach (KLGB)





Not sure what's happened to my textures around here



And down



OK, I cheated a bit at the end and overran a bit, then slewed back, but all in all I was happy with that. I have Little Nav Map running on a secondary 19" monitor and that gives me speeds, altitude etc and I can get away with that, so I feel I've got my Herc back!

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Did you buzz low over my Aunty and Uncles house? My Uncle is former President of McDonnell Douglas and helped to form the process (early iterations of the YC-15) which went on in to become in part - Boeing's C-17 Globemaster. Which is my favorite heavy lift.

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2 hours ago, oldboy43 said:

Hi Andy, thank for very nice shots. Hercules is also my dear plane, this is from which manufacturer?

Hi Karoly, glad you enjoyed them, and this is from Captain Sim (but only officially for FSX)


1 hour ago, GregJ said:

Did you buzz low over my Aunty and Uncles house?

Guess I may have done if they're down that way, Greg. Hope I didn't disturb 'em! Yep, I like the C-17 as well, very much a modern equivalent of the C-130 somehow. Both a bit sort of "fugly" (I think that's the trendy term used by some)

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That's a shame.  I like the C130 as well. I hope Captain Sim updates for P3D V4.  Your shots remind me of the time back in 08 when a C130 rocketed over our house while in the pool - we were expecting a crash on the other side of those trees - that's how low it was!  And of course, the Air Force in our area said nothing was flying in our neck of the woods that day - go figure....this was after it was reported in papers, etc, and slew of calls to 911 over it from panicked people - police cars were even chasing it down the road near by probably expecting a crash.....  :o:o 

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15 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Wonderful set Andy and good to see you get it on the ground in one piece.

Thanks Martyn, and the Herc is such an amiable beast that even I can usually land it ok without having to fake it. Not quite on this occasion but I don't count over-runs <grin>


14 hours ago, Anthin Delahunt said:

Looks like the Captain Sim C-130.

It is indeed, Anthin. I was missing it, hence the willingness to go without the gauges for now


13 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

That was cool Andy, but maybe it's my monitor as the colors all seem very dark, was this an evening flight?


Thanks Jack. I think I tend to favour darker tones than you anyway, and my PTA does tend to give heavy shadows, but this is probably down to the weather used, which I think was ORBX Weather 2


12 hours ago, MZee1960 said:

Great set !

Glad you liked 'em MZee


11 hours ago, Eberhard Haberkorn said:

How did you manage to get the C130 working in v4?

Thanks Eberhard. As for the v4, I had originally put it into v3 and FSX, and my records indicate that its installer was flexible enough to let me put it into v3 without using the migration tool. I haven't actually installed it in v4 as such. I use an offline hangar directory and move aircraft folders into either the v3 or v4 \simobjects\airplanes as I use them. All the sound, effects and other stuff lives in the original v3 folders still, but I've set my v4 cfg files to point to both the v3 and v4 directories as necessary. Seems to work ok and allows me to not pollute my native v4 folders with potentially ancient and unstable files.


11 hours ago, JohnnyJohnJohn said:

when a C130 rocketed over our house while in the pool -

Sounds like fun! And apparently completely deniable.

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I just performed a Google search to find a decent enough C-130 that worked in P3Dv4, and this thread was near the top of the results.


I saw screenshots and said "Hallelujah! Someone has a C-130 that....


...aaaaaand then I saw the next screenshot or two with the blank gauges...


"....that does the same thing as my own CaptainSim C-130 experiments with P3Dv4. (Hmph.)."


I was all excited for a moment or two. Oh well. Here's to hoping they crank out a P3Dv4 edition sometime soon.



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