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Seaside sun and Roman ruins: Introducing LDPL Pula!

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Very nice! Can't wait. Having a summer home there. Lovely place.


2-3 Things maybe to add (could not see them on your developement shots, if they are already included, just forget it).


- I was there last week, very very accurate everything, nice


- Stinjan & Fazana: If you could extend the detailed area little bit until Fazana, because you see this two cities very good in the approach, especially if you turn for a shorter approach over the coast. It would be usefull to have there more details.



- In the harbour (little island in front of Pula) are cranes. These are illuminated in different colours, changing all the time (changes is not a must, but the colours itself are a very wide seen landmark, even from the approach side) , check video below.



- The big roundabount traffic, seen on your last screenshots is now finished (since 1-2 months) and it has different "plates" in the middle and the streets joining to it, there are on the greenlane big red tulip (also illuminated in the night), very beatuiful and also a landmark



I hope I could help you a tiny bit, if you wish to have more detailed informations, just feel free to ask :)

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Just beautiful Misha and Rasha! Another great and interesting scenery adding to the continuously developing detailed realism bringing the captivating Mediterranean coastline to life!

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I am very interested in this scenery and hope there will be many more like this. I love this area of the globe, and welcome any additions! Good to see you are still working on this Misha, along with Rasha.

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