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Open Lc SA

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Wow!  The first one looks like a photo.


Richard, I have some questions about this LC.  I have it installed in V4 along with everything else Orbx has for V4, including Vector.


Should I run Vector's AEC?


Is FreemeshX or Orbx's new add-on S/A mesh higher res?  I don't really know much about mesh but I saw several floating buildings and was wondering if it was fixable by AEC, or a different mesh like Orbx's.



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Hi Jack,


            I always run Vector Config after installs, Open Lc has no relevance really, its just good practice, if you have a Mesh, the Sim will derive the highest LOD from memory, as to floating buildings, that is just a flaw in code, a reboot of the sim should fix that up.

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