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resolved Installed Vector and Poof

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Wow!  Had not heard this before.


I take it, you have it setup correctly in FTX Central 3?  Just asking because I do not see the step of you going through the Control Panel to configure Vector!  Also might be right to read the user guide.  You may also check the install path into your  ORBX folder in Prepar3d v4 folder.  You should have six folders and an config exe file under the

FTX Vector folder.


Let us know if you modify the install. 

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I looked at the folders and all was there. Installing from FTX Central 3 is pretty simple. I installed it and then I ran the auto configuration. Didn't do any thing else. I ran the troubleshooter tool in the ORBX folder and it shows everything is ok.

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LOL!!! Well I cleaned everything out of my sim. Good thing there wasn't much installed. Cleaned up appdata and some other places and did get the sim running again. I just refused to believe Vector was the culprit. I first installed Global and the library. Ran the sim and then went for it and installed Vector again. I started the sim with no problem and then ran the auto configuration and started the sim again and had no problem. Then I installed OLC NA and ran the auto configuration again and so far so good. I had 8 or 9 addon airports from FSDT and Flightbeam installed before but don't know why they would have been a problem after installing Vector - if that's what happened.

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