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New Computor on the way


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Good evening,

I am due to collect my new computer either tomorrow or Friday. I have a fair number of Orbx products installed on this the soon to be ex computer and I run FSX SE.

My question please is do I have to uninstall each item via FTX Central [3] from this computer and then re-install each item onto my new computer once I have installed FSX SE and FTX Central [3] again.

Or can I just unplug the old computer plug in the new computer and install FSX SE and FTX Central and then install each Orbx item.




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When I upgraded my computer to a clean, wiped Windows 10, I installed my flight simulators FTX-SE and P3Dv3 and then downloaded the FTX Central and then input my username and password, and started selecting installations, starting with FTX Global, Open LC, Vector, FTX Trees and the regional areas, and it started downloading and doing all the work.  I suggest you do it overnight as it can sometimes be like waiting for a pot of water to boil.  The closer you watch, the longer it seems to take.  It's an awesome process ORBX has set up with FTX Central.  It's much beter that the old way.  

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You will have to remove licenses where applicable, but this does not apply to ORBX software. An example is PMDG does require you to remove a license before you reinstall somewhere else. Just take a list of things you got and check with each vendor how it works. 

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